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Saturday, 4 June 2011

NJOY 1.03(0) unsigned

The Njoy by allahjane (N series joystick) emulates the joystick keys (up – down – left – right) of the keypad through phone’s accelerometer.
Use your phone in landscape mode. Hold the phone at 90 degrees.

Then launch the application and with button Back send it to background.
That’s all, when you tilt your device left and right corresponding keys will be pressed also tilting forward and back will press up and down keys and when u keep it like photo 1 no keys are pressed

  • play games that require joystick keys
  • scroll menus
  • control default media player
  • works on all apps
How to calibrate?
Start the application, hold phone in desired position and select Calibration → calibrate angle.
You can calibrate it only once after u launch it..if u want to recalibrate it, you need to restart Njoy and repeat calibration.

This version works only in landscape mode.


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