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Monday, 27 June 2011

Download Gravity 1.50.6757 >> Twitter Application

Scr000155 New build of popular twitter app Gravity brings username auto completion in tweets
Gravity >>>Twitter Application

The best Symbian developer in the world, Jan Ole Sur, is at it again with a big update to Gravity, his beloved twitter application for Nokia smartphones. Jan tweeted this morning about this new update to Gravity that brings auto-completion when typing a username in your tweet. Check out the video demo of it running on my Nokia N8….

Just type “@” and then the first letters. In my case I replied to @janole and wanted to add someone else to the tweet so proceed to type “@th” and three options came up. If you type multiple letters your search is narrowed. The feature works instantly with zero load time and when you see the name you’re looking for just tap it and continue on with your tweet.

Updates in Gravity 1.50 Build 6710

  • Friends/hastag auto-completion when using the Gravity keyboard (S60v5 & S^3 only so far)

  • Trends working again, layout fixes, scrolling fix
  • auto-caps for the Gravity keyboard (might be a bit rough, let @janole know if you like it or not)
  • There’s a handy shortcut in #Gravity to send a DM: “d @username text”. Works even better with auto-completion now


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