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Monday, 27 June 2011

Killer Mobile SecureMe v1.02 S60v5

Killer Mobile SecureMe

A Mobile Device is Lost or Stolen literally every single second. With today’s S60 smartphone device’s you’re not only losing a large investment, but you also face the risk of your personal, private or business information being accessed and used.

With SecureMe Anti-Theft & Security application you can rest assured that your device is safe and secure. SecureMe will automatically lock the device (both screen and keyboard) on any unauthorized SIM change. This renders the device completely useless to the thief or finder of your device. SecureMe also facial appearance diffident SMS commands which can allow you to lock the device down remotely, hide or delete information such as contacts, SMS’s, photos, videos and more. You can even be informed of the SIM change along with the SIM details to help locate the thief, as well as any device activity via SMS to up to three secondary facts of your choosing.

Facial appearance Include:

* Symbian Signed and Certified Application
* Runs 100% silently and intangibly in the background
* Autostart on Device Reboot
* Device will be 100% locked upon unauthorized SIM change
* Uninstall prevention option
* “Call & Listen” feature allowing you to call from a secondary number and listen to background signal
* Fully configurable application – can be used as a Anti-Theft device or a basic “spy” type application
* Diffident SMS commands to lock device or hide/delete data
* Configureable device lock timer upon SIM change
* Configureable lock screen text
* Receive complete SIM details via SMS to secondary facts upon unauthorized SIM change to help find the thief
* Receive notifications of all Call & SMS activity while device is in “attack” mode (but screen and keyboard are NOT locked)
* Supports emergency number dialing when device is locked
* Free updates for the life of your device!

Currently SecureMe is only only available for S60 3rd edition devices but we will be making it available for S60 2nd, Windows Mobile (WM5/6) and some Sony Ericsson (Lite Version) devices very soon. SecureMe is a high quality Symbian Signed and verified application.

See below to download a full featured, 14 day demo of SecureMe prior to purchasing. Please download the user guide below for complete operating instructions!

* NOTE: Please do a device backup using the Nokia PC Suite prior to testing the “HIDE” facial appearance . In some rare instances when the contacts exceed +/- 300 the application may not restore the contacts properly. Killer Mobile Software is not responsible for lost data as a upshot of application use.

* NOTE 2: All commands are in ALL Upper Case. The Commands are CASE SENSITIVE and must be sent exactly as prominent below. No other text should be included in the SMS command. You can send SMS Commands from any diffident number you wish (it does NOT have to be a secondary number programmed in the application)

* NOTE 3: All SMS commands must be followed with your password, which is by default 5555. In the examples below the default password is referenced, if you changed your password please use this in place of “5555″

SMS Commands List -

SM LOCK SCREEN 5555 – Locks the Device Screen & Keypad
SM HIDE IMAGES 5555 – Hides the Gallery Images
SM HIDE VIDEOS 5555 – Hides the Gallery Videos
SM HIDE SOUNDS 5555 – Hides the Gallery Sounds
SM HIDE CONTACT 5555 – Hides the Contacts
SM DELETE SMS 5555 – Deletes All SMS’s
SM DELETE LOGS 5555 – Deletes Call Logs
SM HIDE CARD 5555 – Hides the Memory Card Contents
SM CARDWIPE 5555 – Deletes the entire contents of the memory card
SM FULL ATTACK 5555 – Performs all of the above
SM RESTORE ALL 5555 – Exits the Attack Mode and Restores Everything but the SMS’s (Which at this time cannot be restored when deleted).


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