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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Pod O’Clock v2.05(0)

Pod O’Clock plays a random podcast when an alarm goes off.


Podcasts must be MP3 files in folder E:\podcasts\ (if folder doesn’t exist, create it).

  • Touch the alarm text to set or reset an alarm
  • Touch the red X next to the alarm to remove the alarm
  • Touch the green arrow to play a random podcast now
  • Touch the red X next to the filename to delete it

Wind OS v1.00(1)

Wind OS by Bamboo Group
Feel the Windows atmosphere on your smartphone: hear the noise of the cooler and see the classic Windows desktop screen with browser, minesweeper, trash.
With Wind OS you will also have a notepad for text editing.

Windows 7 Theme for S60V5 and S^3

Windows 7 by Simograndi
S60v5 theme
S^3 theme
Install correct version for your device (S60v5 or S^3).

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Deactivate camera sound -Free

If you want to deactivate camera sound, no matter which profile you use.

3DPhotoFree v1.07(0) Signed

3DPhotoFree by KuroshTech
Turn your phone into a 3D camera. In Menu, use advanced 3D modes and editing tools to create your masterpiece.
Use L and R to add pictures from gallery. Make your old album of photos into 3D with the unique ‘Single Photo’ mode.

And use 3D-glasses if you want the best view on 3D-images.

Animated Theme by 125 Telecom

Animated Theme by 125 Telecom
Add the animation feature to your mobile theme.
Set the animation speed of the animated theme and the timing for auto key lock function.

A!maze by ZingMagic

A!maze by ZingMagic

Help these crazy mice in the labyrinth game. Just connect the mice.
Each mouse may travel vertically or horizontally, but never diagonally. And no mouse may cross the path of any other mouse. You can use hints, if you stuck.
The game requires active data connection (in-game ads by innerActive).

Rising Mobile Security V3.10 Best one !!

Rising Mobile Security is a mobile phone protection SW. You scan and clean virus program existing in mobile phone and optimize mobile phone OS, as well as defense security of privacy data saved on the phone devices.
This application integrates Antivirus, Privacy Protection, Defense Harassment and Mobile Optimization.
  • Antivirus, provides mobile phone users with multi-methods to scan virus program and defense the mobile phone away from threats of malicious virus program.
  • Privacy Protection, offers mobile phone users Password Management, Private Number Management, Data Encryption services and; defends privacy information of mobile phone users away from snooping.
  • Defense Harassment, provides mobile phone users the powerful function of filtering incoming call and SMS; defending users away from intrusive harassment.
  • Mobile Optimization, Provides mobile phone users functions of managing mobile process, installing mobile software, files management which are saved on memory card and, battery management

Symbian Belle homescreen – HS Pro unsigned v1.00(1)

Homescreen pro for s60v5 by ngoanrazor
From the author – Ngoanrazor:
I had release version develop and stops the project to October 15 and I continue to do because I have work to do. During that time you can download qtsdk and you research make the widget, I’ll try to add it to this hs. I had release version develop, it is not complete, I removed dialer it eat more ram. Please go to option > help to guide setting folder.

You have to install  Qt 4.7.3 and mobility 1.1.3 for working and btswitch.

Home Screen Photo Show Download

Home Screen Photo Show by Skunkkitalli
Home Screen Photo Show

Home Screen Photo widget shows scaled thumbnail images of your photos on home screen. They are presented sequentially or randomly, they can change one at time or scroll horizontally.

Striped Orange by daeva112

Striped Orange by daeva112
S60v5 theme
S ^3 theme
Download Theme

Nokia 3D World Gaze by Nokia Beta Labs (only for Symbian ^3 phones)

Nokia 3D World Gaze by Nokia Beta Labs (only for Symbian ^3 phones)

Nokia 3D World Gaze gives you a new kind of viewpoint to the world, allowing you to see through the surface (and insides) of the planet all the way to the other side.
Just point your phone to some direction and you will see reality in a way you have never seen before. In addition to geographical features such as continents in their real physical locations, Nokia 3D World Gaze allows you to see geotagged media, day and night regions, current location of the Sun, and other content from locations around the world.
This application requires an internet connection. When you first run the application, it prompts you for compass calibration.
This is beta software and it’s still under development. You can try it and give feedback.

Download with    Installer
Download without Installer