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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Rising Mobile Security V3.10 Best one !!

Rising Mobile Security is a mobile phone protection SW. You scan and clean virus program existing in mobile phone and optimize mobile phone OS, as well as defense security of privacy data saved on the phone devices.
This application integrates Antivirus, Privacy Protection, Defense Harassment and Mobile Optimization.
  • Antivirus, provides mobile phone users with multi-methods to scan virus program and defense the mobile phone away from threats of malicious virus program.
  • Privacy Protection, offers mobile phone users Password Management, Private Number Management, Data Encryption services and; defends privacy information of mobile phone users away from snooping.
  • Defense Harassment, provides mobile phone users the powerful function of filtering incoming call and SMS; defending users away from intrusive harassment.
  • Mobile Optimization, Provides mobile phone users functions of managing mobile process, installing mobile software, files management which are saved on memory card and, battery management


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