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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Theme Effects in Nokia Symbian mobiles and Download Theme Effects

Only for hacked phones – S60v5!
You will need Y-Browser or X-Plore and access to Z drive. Then you will have to makec2z patch (it forces the phone to use files in C: before the same file in Z:). You can make it on PC or mobile phone:
  • on PC – Download C2Z rar file and extract on PC. Then copy from mobile Z:\sys\bin\EFSrv.dll file EFSrv.dll to the PC. Place it into the same folder where you extracted c2z.exe and run c2z.exe. It will generate c2z.rmp file. Now copy this rmp file on E:\Patches or C:\Patches (where you installed ROMPatcher). Start ROMPatcher and enable the c2z patch.
  • on mobile phone – you can make c2z.rmp file on your mobile phone, using c2z maker. Install and run it (but before that enable Open4All patch). Then generate c2z.rmp and copy it to E:\Patches or C:\Patches (where you installed ROMPatcher).
Now download theme effect bellow. Copy effects folder into C:\resource. Go to Theme – Options – Theme effects – turn it Off and On again. That’s it, it should work…but do it on your own risk!
Dejavu pack By Kcube989

Download Dejavu Pack
Discord pack by Kcube989
Download Discord Pack
Spin Slide by Mr G
Download SPin Pack
Glide by Mr G
Download Glide Pack
Need for Seed underground by dscobsct
Through the link bellow you can download Theme Effect Packages with many theme effects. On some theme effects you have to rename folder into “effects”.
 Download Theme Effect Packages


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